Competition: Win a €5000 Smile Makeover- Seapoint Smile 2012

We are looking for the Seapoint Smile of 2012. Enter by sending us a photo of your smile and in less than 50 words tell us why you deserve to win our €5,000 Smile Makeover. Also visit our website and find the answer: Name three famous celebrities who get their teeth done in Seapoint Clinic!

Send your photo, your reasons why you should win and the answer to the question to with the subject line Seapoint Smile 2012. BOOM!

Regular Check-ups and Dental Hygiene Visits- why every 6 months?

At Seapoint, we strongly believe in taking a preventative approach to dental care. Dental hygiene services are, in the long term, the most valuable service we can offer our patients. More than just cleaning, these visits allow our team to monitor your general health and detect potential problems early when they are easier and less costly for you to repair.

Our Dental Hygienist will evaluate the plaque of your teeth on a regular basis and  will offer advice on how to turn around poor oral hygiene habits, to improve your smile.

We will tell you whether or not the 60 seconds or 5 minutes you spend each morning and evening cleaning your teeth, is sufficient or how you can improve your brushing technique if necessary- And on top of that flossing and rinsing with a good mouthwash- These are simple steps to get you on your way to heathier, brighter, whiter smile.  You only have one set of adult teeth and insufficient cleaning and bad habits can easily cost you lots of money, your confidence and your smile…

Our Dental Hygienists are the first line in the detection and treatment of issues related to poor dental hygiene.

Dental Hygienists have years of academic and professional training in the detection and prevention of gum disease and with gum disease linked to an array of other more serious illnesses such as stroke and heart disease, a simple visit to our clinic every 6 months is well worth it’s weight in gold.

Services of a typical dental hygiene visit might include:

  • Instruction in good oral hygiene and dental hygiene education tailored to your needs
  • Regular monitoring of teeth and gums for early signs of gum disease or other nasties
  • Scaling and polishing teeth and periodontal treatment to eliminate plaque and tartar
  • Dietary advice to help minimise the risk of decay- what foods to avoid!
  • Fissure sealant treatment to protect back teeth by sealing them against decay
  • Application of Airflow- This is a system of bicarbonate of soda, water and air which removes stubborn stains such as nicotine, tea and coffee
  • De-sensitizing of sensitive teeth, if necessary

Book a dental exam ( €70) and receive your hygiene appointment for just €50 with us now. Remember, you should be aiming to have your teeth professionally cleaned every 4-6 months to make sure your pearlies remain healthy, white and squeeky clean ❤

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Facial Rejuvenation Treatments- Do they work?

Facial Rejuvenation

Smile lines and wrinkles are both a normal part of the ageing process, but many people are now seeking ways to retain a young and healthy appearance for longer. Seapoint Clinic can provide you with safe, high quality therapies, which are tailored to meet your specific requirements, giving you a softer and more youthful look. Your GP will advise you if our treatments are suitable for your needs. During the complimentary consultation, we will discuss any concerns or questions you may have and explain how we can keep you looking naturally young and vibrant.

 Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

As Facial Rejuvenation becomes more popular, the range of treatments available becomes more extensive. At Seapoint Clinic we provide Botulinum Toxins (Botox®), JUVÉDERM® XC and Chemical peel treatments.

Which treatment is for me?

As with any chemical treatment, some people have ideas of what they feel facial rejuvenation is, how it’s conducted and of course- lots of scare mongering about red faces and drooping eye-lids. At Seapoint, the focus is on natural, vibrant results. We want our patients to leave the clinic with a fresh and relaxed look, comfortable in the knowledge they have received the real ‘Seapoint’ experience. Dr. Altona Myers explains that a superficial AHA chemical peel is a great way to really brighten up your look without diving into any unnecessary treatments. “A basic chemical peel really does give you a brighter complexion. It helps to soften fine lines and gives you a real glow- perfect for anyone planning their wedding or an important event. The peels offer a blank canvas for other treatments and patients find that with regular treatments their whole look is softened, their skin smoother and their overall tone improved”.

 What is an anti-wrinkle injection?

Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox®) is a purified therapeutic agent that relaxes the muscles which would normally crease the skin.

 They are used to treat:

• Horizontal and vertical lines of forehead

• Crows feet

• Teeth disorders of grinding and clenching

• Migrane

• Hyperhydrosis  (excessive underarm sweating)

 and to achieve: Brow Lift, and Neck Augmentation

 How does it work?

It is used to eliminate the wrinkles caused by facial movement e.g. laughing, smiling or frowning. A treatment with Botulinum Toxin (Botox® ) causes the underlying muscles to

relax, giving the skin a smoother, more refreshed appearance.

 This treatment cannot be used to support weakened facial & neck muscles,

 increase the volume of thin lips, or help skin imperfections, such as

thread veins. In order to optimize your facial rejuvenation,  this treatment can be combined with dermal fillers or other cosmetic procedures, including chemical peels.


JUVÉDERM® XC, is the smooth hyaluronic gel filler used to smooth away wrinkles

around your mouth and nose. After just one treatment, you’ll get smooth and natural-looking results that last up to one year. Hyaluronic gels are a natural occurring agent in the skin that contribute to volumising and hydrating the skin.

Please note: JUVÉDERM® XC filler is not Restylane.

Treatment Sites

The main areas that benefit from this treatment are;

• Smile lines

• Marionette lines – folds below corners of mouth

• Vertical lip lines – often attributed to smokers

 What is a Chemical Peel?

Sun exposure, acne and ageing can leave your skin tone uneven, wrinkled, spotted or scarred. For younger, smoother looking skin, a chemical peel is used to improve the texture by removing the damaged outer layers. They range from superficial (AHA ) to deep (TCA) depending on your skin type and needs. If recommended, specific creams should be used in conjunction with your chemical peel treatment.

 Treatment Sites

• Acne or acne scars

• Age and liver spots

• Fine lines and wrinkles

• Freckles or irregular skin pigmentation

• Rough skin and scaly patches

• Scars

• Sun-damaged skin

 Do anti-wrinkle injections cause a “frozen face look”?

Wrinkle-relaxing treatments affect only the tiny muscles being directly treated, and not the surrounding muscles. In this way, when you laugh or frown, the untreated muscles work normally so your expressions and the result will be subtle and natural. A “frozen face” look is usually a result of poorly administered, or the overuse, of some facial rejuvenation treatments.

 What happens during the treatments?

They only take a few minutes and are very effective with little discomfort. Relax in our comfortable clinic, while your practitioner takes care of your entire treatment process. The treatment is injected to the specific area, and afterwards,  an icepack is gently applied and you are ready to leave the clinic and go about your day.

Are there any adverse effects?

After your treatment you may experience:

• Mild swelling/redness at the injection site

• Headache

• Localised Numbness

• Bruising, ptosis / drooping lid (In rare cases)

 Choosing an experienced Practitioner will minimise the risk of these aforementioned side effects.  Prior to your treatment, your Practitioner need to discuss your medical history and your expectations. Allergies and skin conditions may affect your suitability to have the treatments administered. We do not perform treatments on patients who are pregnant, breastfeeding or who are planning to try to become pregnant soon.

 In Ireland, Botulinum Toxins can only be administered on prescription, hence, only medically trained doctors can prescribe and perform these treatments.

How much does treatment cost?

Prices start from €150 and we often have special offers and friend referral offers for our loyal patients.

Call Seapoint Clinic today

to schedule your complimentary and confidential consultation (01) 2842570

How to brush your teeth properly

If you are at all like me and have been brushing your teeth incorrectly for the majority of your adult years, you’ll find this short video on how to brush your teeth properly very useful.


Dr. Tom Linehan, from here at Seapoint Clinic, recommended that I try not to brush my teeth using my elbow? What?? So I took his advice on board, and it actually works. Basically, by using your wrist in a more gentle motion and not directing your toothbrush with your elbow force, you can gently guide your brush around your mouth in a less abrasive fashion.

Along with using a soft toothbrush and a good sensitive toothpaste and flossing and using an alcohol-free mouthwash twice a day, you should notice a huge difference in your smile 🙂

Wearing white on your wedding day? It’ll be all white on the night…

So wedding season is well and truly underway. Spring is in the air, rings are in the boxes and the wedding to-do list is being ticked off one job at at a time.

I’ve put a little list together of what I think well and truly makes the perfect wedding day, from the perfect dress to those all important finishing touches.


This is YOUR day, believe it or not… People will try and tell you what your options are, but really, at the end of the day it’s your budget, they are your family and your friends. So don’t make it a day you will regret. Keep numbers to a minimum and don’t feel obliged to ask friends of friends of friends or relatives you have absolutely nothing in common with. They might not even want to come anyways! And really is it worth the extra duvet set or George Foreman?


There are plenty of options available, regardless of style, shape, cut, fabric, colour (yes there are more options than the traditional white) and I’ve found great feedback from people who shopped in Ciara, The Town Bride and Covet. The latter, Covet, is a gorgeous selection of dainty dresses for those with expensive taste but maybe not the same size budget. Covet allows you to bag the designer dress of your dreams but without the expensive pricetag. The only catch is they are all rentals, which is fine by us, as you really shouldn’t be planning to wear it more than once. Keep an eye on Ebay too, there are always good second hand deals online.


Make a list, stick to the list, review the list, edit the list and TREAT yourself. This is the one guilt-free day every girl deserves, your day to shine, glow and sparkle. We recommend trying different products before your big day so you are sure of tone, colour and suitability. Think tan, bronzer, a pretty lipstick with good durability and good moisture levels, neutral nails depending on the style and a light perfume. To finish off your picture perfect smile, we recommend you book in for an In-Clinic Zoom! Whitening for your almost pearly whites. All over in one hour and with take-home trays, you’ll be begging your photographer to take more snaps of your new smile 🙂 Read here for more tips to brighten your smile.


This is one of the most important take-home memories of your big day. Spend the bulk of your budget on your menu and you will have happy guests! Well-fed guests are happy guests! Remember that most people see a wedding day as an investment so don’t be afraid to ask for a tasting and don’t forget to review all those fantastic wedding forums for tips and suggestions. If in doubt, don’t settle!


Think, first of all what you like, think of your guests, and think of the age range and try find a happy medium in between. Try and imagine your aunties, your friends and your dad all dancing at 2am. To the same music. eek!


At the end of the day, there is one thing you are stuck looking at for the rest of your life- No no your lovely husband- but your lovely sparkly ring! Make sure it’s absolutely what you want. And don’t forget to make little changes to that antique or indeed design your own.

Above all, try and take time out with your close family and friends, take time to laugh, love and enjoy and remember- Your day will fly by and it will all be over too soon! Enjoy it girls! x